Sales Support

Sales force optimization

Learn how to provide your sales force with the best tools to maximize its performance and ensure the perfect execution of plans developed by the company. Various methods exist. With the ever-changing role of the representative, focus is increasingly oriented towards four main elements and tasks:

Influence (How to get the maximum while abiding by the rules.)

Plan enforcement measures as agreed with head offices.


Information collection.

It is crucial to set up an ongoing training program to enable your most important allies; your representatives and senior managers, to better serve your business partners. Technical training that supports more abstract elements, such as aiming for excellence, surpassing oneself, and showing empathy. A training program adapted to today's reality and that recognizes opportunities and restrictions associated with sales – whether direct or indirect, at retail or head office levels. Our training program can be easily adapted and is based on five main modules:

The 5 basic elements of sales (a structured approach that increases productivity)

Techniques for effective and productive communication (how to get the message across and how to sell concepts)

Dealing with objections (how to turn a negative situation into a win-win situation)

Priority management (how to maximize your time and that of others)

Work and methodology (how to make your work and that of others more pleasant)

Sales is a subtle compromise between ART and SCIENCE. To master both, you need to have effective tools... and they can be taught! Our training takes into account the various levels of performance and related tasks:

Retail representation

Head office coverage

Category management: (ECR - Efficient Consumer Response)

Use of management and analysis tools

The Last 3 Feet

Moment of Truth and Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT